Vol.35 No.4    Fall 2018

The HUG UpDate

Newsletter of the The Harrisburg pc Users Group (HUG)

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HUG Celebrated its 35th Anniversary in January 2018
and our Web Site is sixteen years old in October 2018

We are the Oldest Computer Club in South-Central
Pennsylvania and have been meeting continuously
since 1983

Meeting and Workshop Schedule - Fall 2018

Meetings & Workshops

Date & Time - The date for our Weekday Meeting & Workshop is the Third Thursday of each month from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. The date for our Weekend Meeting & Workshop is the Third Sunday of each month from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM.

All meeting ending times are, of course, dependent upon the number and complexity of the computer problems brought to the workshop. We can always stay later if we need to. We believe that this schedule accommodates most members. Let us know your opinion.

Agenda - If you have a computer question or problem then bring it to our workshop to receive individual assistance. This service is free to all members in good standing.

Photo - Jim, Wes, George, and Norm

Attendance - Your attendance is always appreciated. Please arrange to attend a meeting & workshop whenever possible. You are also encouraged to bring a guest. Your guest may want to join and take advantage of the technical assistance that HUG offers.

[Photo: Don't become fustrated over a computer problem. Bring your troublesome laptop to our next meeting and let us help you sort things out.]

Important - If you are coming with a broken computer then you should contact us in advance so that we expect you. Be sure to ask what equipment you need to bring along - your monitor? keyboard? mouse? printer? operating system disks? application program disks?

Please plan to arrive early with your broken computer. If you don't, you may find all available troubleshooters are busy assisting other members for the entire meeting.

Location - Our meeting location is at LifePoint Church, on 7733 Hillcrest Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17112. It's just off Allentown Boulevard, 6/10 of a mile west of Route 39, next to a Fulton Bank.

We use the downstairs, multi-purpose room. A big advantage of meeting in the downstairs multi-purpose room is that members can back their cars right up to the door to unload/load equipment.

Another advantage is that we have a nearly limitless amount of worktables and space. Both wired and wireless Internet access are also available.

Detailed directions and a map to the meeting location are available on the church's web site home page at LifePointPA.org.

Alternately, you can use MapQuest directions or our own HUG Map for directions to get to our HUG Meetings and Workshops.

Are Your HUG Membership Dues Paid Up?

Membership to HUG is still only $15. Click here for a Membership Application Form to apply for membership or to renew your membership. Dues are due before January 1st each year. All LifePoint members may participate dues-free.

Technical Tips

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Internet Time Service

You can set your computer clock via the Internet using tools built into the operating system. Most operating systems (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux) have an option to automatically synchronize the system clock periodically using an NTP (network time protocol) server:

      Windows: Double-click the system clock and then click on the Internet Time tab.

      Mac: Applications > System Preferences > Date & Time

      Linux: System > Admin >Time and Date

In the settings, you may be allowed to pick which NTP server the time comes from. NIST operates several stratum-1 network time servers, which means their time is directly linked to UTC(NIST), the official NIST time.

Here are the NIST server names, locations, and IP addresses.

NIST is now offering a network time service to deliver UT1 time. For details about the UT1 server, please see the UT1 NTP Information page.

You can read this article from NIST in full detail on the NIST web site.

Or you can go to the NIST Home Page and select numerous technical articles to read. After you do, you will have lots of interesting topics to discuss at your next cocktail party.

Technical Photos

Motherboard 1

Side view of a motherboard - parts labeled.

Motherboard 2

Top view of a motherboard - parts labeled.

Sponsor Credits

HUG thanks the following sponsors who help make the continuing efforts of HUG possible. Please visit their web sites to find out more about them.

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The facilities HUG uses for its meetings & workshops are provided by LifePoint Church. Feel free to visit their web site at LifePointPA.org. There, you can find out about all their services to the community.

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HUG's web site is hosted by PAdotNet
PAdotNet's services include Wireless Internet, High-Speed DSL, Dialup Internet, and Enhanced Email. Visit their web site and learn about their Internet services.